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Lower Back Pain Specialist

Robert J. Wielenga, M.D. -  - Geriatric Physician

Wielenga Medical Group

Robert J. Wielenga, M.D.

Geriatric Physician & Family Practice Physician located in Downey, CA

The pain and discomfort of lower back pain can have many different causes. Dr. Robert J. Wielenga and his staff have several treatment options that can be used to manage your pain and discomfort. At Wielenga Medical Group in Downey, California, the team urges you to seek treatment if you begin to experience any lower back pain. This will allow you to resume your regular activities much sooner and will reduce your risk of chronic discomfort.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

How do improper lifting techniques affect the lower back?

Improper lifting techniques can place unnecessary stress on your back as well as your abdomen. Lifting objects that are too heavy or extremely awkward can cause you to damage both connective and soft tissues. It's important always to use proper lifting techniques, so you're always in control of the object you're moving.

Any time you allow an object to slip or shift, you try to compensate by using other parts of the body that weren't designed to move in certain ways. Compromising your lower back, especially if you're older and have started to lose muscle tone, can spell disaster. Always have someone help you if you're lifting an object that weighs more than you can comfortably carry.

Can stress and tension make lower back pain worse?

Stress and tension tend to collect in the soft tissues of the body. When this occurs in the lower back or hips, it can lead to lower back pain or sciatica. The tighter the muscles become when they're under stress, the more likely they are to start hurting or cramping.

Over time, your tight muscles can make movement difficult, keeping you from exercising or performing your favorite activities. Dr. Wielenga can help you find ways to reduce your stress and keep your muscles strong and resilient. It's important to find the means to effectively relieve stress, not only for the muscles in your back but your heart and mind as well.

Will physical therapy help reduce your lower back pain?

Physical therapy that involves swimming, walking, and mild forms of strength training is extremely beneficial if you're experiencing lower back pain. Exercise keeps the tissues flexible and encourages your blood to circulate more freely through the tissues, keeping them firm and well toned.

Regular exercise not only strengthens the muscles, but it also keeps the bones and connective tissues healthy. Pressure placed on the bones during exercise prevents them from releasing calcium. This is especially beneficial if you're older and are at a higher risk for conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis. Dr. Wielenga can work with you to come up with an exercise plan that will help strengthen your lower back and remedy the pain and inflammation that are often present if you've had an injury to your lower back or sciatic nerve.

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